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Visit and click on our custom link to download the DUMPLING app on your smart phone.


Create your personalized account in the app.


You can share your account with other shoppers in your house so they can add items to the list too!


Use the plus (+) sign to see the list of stores we currently shop. Click on a store to start making your shopping list.


If you don't see the store you were hoping for, please send a store request for us to consider.


Type your desired grocery items in the search box. A list of suggested items will appear for you to add. Click the add button and adjust quantities.


If you don't see the item you're looking for, use the write-in option at the very bottom. 


To view your shopping list, or proceed to checkout, use the green button in the lower right corner of the app. Upon checkout, you will select your delivery date and time, add custom notes, and submit your order.

All prices as estimates only. You will always be charged the exact price the store is charging on the day we shop.


After placing your order, sit back and relax, while we prepare to deliver your groceries! 

To contact us at anytime, use the back arrow to return to the homepage. Select on our personal shopper bar at the top and select the text or call icon to connect.

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